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The Salvation Army Shows Appreciation at Gratitude Gathering
27 April 2016
The Salvation Army Alaska unveils the annual Gratitude Report and to thanks donors, volunteers, and supporters.
The Salvation Army's 125th Red Kettle Campaign Sets New Fundraising Record with Nearly $150 Million Raised
24 February 2016
The Salvation Army hits a fundraising record during this season's Red Kettle Campagin
Giving Made Easier
25 January 2016
Learn how to make tax-favored charitable gifts from traditional and Roth IRA accounts to The Alaska Salvation Army Alaska.
An Alaskan Way to Give
25 January 2016
Contributing to The Salvation Army Alaska is as easy as Pick.Click.Give.
Partnering Up: Walmart Bell Ringing Competition Where Everybody Wins
25 January 2016
Ten Walmarts around Alaska compete to raise the most money for The Salvation Army Alaska
Volunteer Spotlight: Jerry Budd
25 January 2016
Celebrating Jerry Budd's contributions posthumously and his influence on the next generation of volunteers.
The Hope Brigade Sets Up Legacy Gifts
25 January 2016
The Salvation Army Alaska Announces a New Way to Contribute long-term through Legacy Gifts.
25 January 2016
GIFT - Over 13,000 individuals were given Christmas meals and children's toys this year.
Youthquake Program Provides Service to Fairbanks
25 January 2016
Fairbanks Program After-School Program provides a positive environment for socializing, homework and engaging activities.
01 December 2015
In communities all across Alaska The Salvation Army is preparing to bring Thanksgiving tidings to those in need.
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