McKinnell House
1712 A St. Anchorage, AK 99501
Phone (907) 276-1609

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The Salvation Army McKinnell House provides temporary emergency shelter and case management services to families experiencing the crisis of homelessness. While at McKinnell adults work with a case manager to formulate a plan that will help the family successfully move back into independent housing. Families are required to obtain employment, if not working and children are connected to educational and support resources. After leaving McKinnell House, families have the continued support of their case manager to develop a support system that will better equip the family for successful, independent living.

The Family Emergency Services program offers services focused on homless prevention, providing for the practical needs of individuals and families through our food pantry and other assistance, as funding is available.  We also provide emergency disaster assistance to survivors.

"Wow! I don't know where to start. However, I just wanted to say thanks. I was at a Salvation Army shelter in Anchorage, Alaska homeless and far away from home in 1988. Today I am alive and well for the experience. I work for a great company and am leading a fullfilling life. If it were not for your help I have no idea where I would be. I just wanted to say thanks... "
-Past McKinnell Resident, Saint Petersburg, FL

What is McKinnell?

For decades, McKinnell House has been providing temporary, safe shelter in Anchorage for families who lack other resources and are actively trying to improve their current situation.

Who is eligible?

We provide emergency shelter for homeless families with children. Those who are unable to provide for their basic needs and cannot obtain the necessary assistance from other public or private agencies. Other eligibility criteria are considered upon application.

Where would I stay?

McKinnell House is part of The Salvation Army Family Enrichment (SAFE) Center, located at 1712 A Street. The shelter has sixteen family rooms with private bathrooms. Common areas include a shared children's play room, parent lounge, educational classroom and beautiful dining room.

How long may I stay?

McKinnell House is a temporary emergency (30 day) shelter. However, as families move toward self-sufficiency, the length of stay for residents may be extended, upon recommendation of a case manager and approval of the director until permanent housing is secured. A case manager will work with each family in developing a basic plan of action to address their unique needs, with specific goals to help them successfully transition into independent housing.

What services are provided?

24 hour lodging and staff support

  • Individualized case management
  • Educational support in partnership with the Anchorage School District
  • Nutritious meals & snacks
  • Life skills development
  • Case management services continue six months after moving on to independent living

How may I apply?

Call First! 276-1609

How you can help:

Monetary Donations


Donations of:

  • Food
  • Movie tickets, kids videos (G rated), gift certificates
  • Disposable diapers, all sizes
  • Personal toiletries, towels
  • Kids' socks, hats, mittens, gloves for adults and kids
  • Coloring books and crayons, backpacks for kids, books